Collection: I Go to (250) Pieces Wooden Puzzles in Glass Apothecary Jars

You've done puzzles in the past and are always plagued with the "What do you do with it now?" dilemma. You shove the battered cardboard box containing that cheap cardboard puzzle into the back of a closet and it collects dust, that's what. Very few people elevate the puzzle to wall art status, understandably so. I mean, we love a good puzzle as much as the next guy, but who wants to glue it together and look at it Every. Single. Day? Enter Trove I Go to (250) Pieces™ Wooden Puzzles, self contained in a lidded apothecary premium glass jar designed for display, both before and after completion. Because an heirloom puzzle deserves a special place in your house: On your shelf with the family photos, on the coffee table as a conversation piece. A beautiful reminder of family time (or solitary meditation time) spent on a quality puzzle that begs to be completed, time and time again.