I bought a product at a physical store that carries Trove. Can I return it here if I don't like it or have an issue with it?
Products purchased from a retail store must be returned to that store. We cannot offer a refund on a product that was not purchased from us on this site because—well, it wasn't purchased from us. If you gave a retail store your money, the retail store must share and honor their own refund policy and will need to refund that money if applicable.

My puzzle is a huge mistake! I'm having buyer's remorse! My life is falling apart! Got a warranty?

Yep, we can help. Trove products have a 90-day limited warranty. Here's what we mean by that:

Many times, we can help you through any puzzling issues and have you on your merry way. But if we do find that rare scenario where a product needs replacing, our warranty holds true here too. Please provide a photo of your purchase receipt (for a store purchase in the last 90 days only) or order confirmation (for an online order in the last 90 days only), and we will send you a replacement product at no charge. If there is no receipt available, or the product was purchased longer than 90 days ago, a replacement product is available for the retail price on our site plus applicable shipping. 

If you'd like to take either of these options, please send a photo of the damaged part, your receipt (if applicable), your shipping address and payment preference (PayPal email address or credit card number and expiration) to us at retail@ocgproducts.com, and we'll get you taken care of! 

If your life is falling apart, we can't help, sorry. Please seek professional medical assistance.


How do you ship orders? When will I get my hot little hands on my Trove?

Trove orders placed on this web site are processed in the order they are received and shipped via USPS, which typically delivers in 2-5 days, depending on how close you are to our warehouse in Indianapolis. 

Shipping rates are determined by the total weight of your order and the destination zip code. Currently, USPS is our only shipping option for web orders. 

Help! A piece is missing from my puzzle!
You got to the last piece, and that last piece was gone? The piece count on our puzzles is individually and digitally confirmed before shipment just before sealing, so it's nearly impossible the piece was not shipped to you. Take a deep breath, and stay with us here. We've literally been there (with the manufacturer of another puzzle, not our own, of course.) Read on, and we'll even confess what the culprit was in our case.

Check the packaging. Sounds silly, but could it be stuck in the corner of the polybag? Hiding in the hang tag envelope? Sitting under the empty jar?

Ask the puzzle ninjas. Most families have one. Ours is the Jason. The person who will hide the last piece just to horde that final bit of satisfaction all for himself. The piece will magically appear, but if it doesn't, you'll have to go shake out some pants pockets or perhaps offer a monetary bribe. This one might take some time.

Stalk the four-legged friends. Spot likes how his teeth marks look, and Toonses secretly plans your demise, so it's not a far stretch to think the final piece may be in one of their hiding places. Their bed, under a blanket, in the food bowl?

Check the puzzle. We're serious. Trove puzzles are a wee bit tricky. Could the piece be in the puzzle already? In a seemingly correct but horribly wrong place?

Check every room. Coins aren't the only things that get lost in the couch. And orphaned socks aren't the only pitiful survivor of the laundry room. Shoes? They can hold more than your feet.

Empty the vacuum. The house vac? Check that bag. The Roomba—remove the bin. This is where our final piece was hiding: Inside Wall•E, our robot buddy. Finding the piece—coated in Margarita salt, crayon shavings, and paper hole punch circles—wiping it off, and placing it in its final spot—was like putting the proverbial exclamation mark at the end of the puzzle. Double rewarding.

Still can’t find it? Take a deep breath. Promise, it’s going to be all right. 

Each of our puzzles is individually cut by lasers, so while we can try to send you a replacement piece, it may not fit exactly.

Help! My package is missing!
Packages that are marked as delivered, but are “not received” are your responsibility to track down. Please check with your neighbors, next to your porch, or your back door—sometimes they’re tricky. Your local post office or the UPS customer service can check the geotag of the delivery scan and escalate an investigation on your behalf, but we are not able to track down on our end.

Packages that have not shown to have been delivered and are lost by USPS or UPS will be replaced after 15 days of non-movement. We do not issue refunds on lost packages.

For help with UPS shipments, please call 1-800-742-5877 (request to speak to a representative.) 

If you have any concerns once your package has been received by USPS, you may wish to open an investigation either through your local post office, or by calling the main USPS support number at 1-800-275-8777 (request to speak to a representative.) 


We have found that recipient-initiated investigations are a smoother process in terms of routing the inquiry through the correct channels, so unfortunately we are not able to offer to open the investigation on your behalf.
What is the Trove return and exchange policy? 
OCG Products takes pride in offering the highest quality product, with fast turnaround and friendly customer service. If you have any problems with merchandise purchased from us, please feel free to email our customer service team at retail@ocgproducts.com, and we'll do whatever we can to make it right. If product from us arrives damaged, we must hear from you within 10 days of delivery to offer a solution.
If you simply are not happy with your purchase, you may return stock items within 10 days of delivery for a refund of product price minus shipping, or you may exchange your purchase, subject to item availability. All returns or exchanges must be approved by us in the form of a return authorization number prior to the return or exchange being processed.
Please email retail@ocgproducts.com so we can work with you to make your purchase right. If we cannot find a solution, and you prefer to return your purchase, please email retail@ocgproducts.com, and we'll provide a return authorization number. Because of the many pieces contained in our product, puzzles can only be returned if the polybag perforated closure containing the puzzle pieces has not been torn/broken. Once the seal is broken, the puzzle may not be returned. Puzzles that are shipped to us with torn/broken perforations will be returned to you with no refund issued. Upon receipt, your product will be inspected. Eligible returns will be credited for product price minus shipping to the original form of payment. Your credit card account will be credited upon processing of the returned item(s), and the credit from OCG Products should appear on your next statement. Please allow 10-12 business days for receipt and processing of your return. 
Please email retail@ocgproducts.com, and we'll provide a return authorization number. Items returned for exchange will be credited for product price minus shipping to the original form of payment, and a new order will be placed for replacement item(s). As our stock is often limited, availability of replacement items is not guaranteed. Please allow 10-12 business days for receipt and processing of your exchange. Unfortunately, we cannot accept exchanges of any product that has been altered, is not in its original condition, or is damaged. Upon receipt, your product will be inspected. Many companies will not accept product packaging that has been opened. We understand that some customers will want to open their product and try it on their device, however. As such, a restocking fee of $1 will be assessed for packaging that has been altered, torn, ripped, gnawed on, or opened. In this case, a credit for product price minus shipping minus $1 will be issued.
We recommend shipping with a carrier who will provide tracking and confirmation of delivery, as we cannot be held responsible for return shipments lost in transit. Please clearly write the return authorization number we provide to you on the outside of the box containing the returned merchandise.  
Please ship all returns to the address below, which may not be the address from which the product was sent: 
OCG Products, LLC
Attn: Returns 
28 Olmsted Street 
Birmingham, AL 35242   
Your satisfaction is very important to us! If you have any questions, please email our customer service team at retail@ocgproducts.com.

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