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Trove Dualities Wooden Sliding Puzzles are like the sliding puzzles we did when we were kids, but with a twist. Complete one side of these heavyweight, solid wood puzzles, then flip the pieces over to complete the second side. The custom art expresses the duality of Day v. Night, Color v. Black+White & Naughty v. Nice.

Trove puzzles are presented in 6 different ways:

I Go to (250) Pieces Wooden Puzzles in Pass-It-On Pouches

6 products

I Go to (250) Pieces Wooden Bouquet Puzzles in Glass Vases

4 products

I Go to (250) Pieces Wooden Puzzles in Glass Apothecary Jars

6 products

Dualities Wooden Sliding Puzzles

3 products

I Go to (50) Pieces Wooden Puzzles in Mailable Greeting Cards

3 products

I Go to (250) Pieces Wooden Puzzles in Advent Calendars

1 product

Keep it fun with unique Treasure Pieces

Inspect the puzzle art online

Finish it off with an exclusive Puzzle Completion Pin

The puzzles in Pass It On Pouches

Puzzles that get assembled again as they travel from person to person! Each 250-piece puzzle is presented in a canvas bag. Sign your name, add the date, then pass it on. The pouch acts as a visual directory of its travels.

The Puzzle Bouquets in Glass Vases

Send a flower bouquet to last! Floral puzzles are perfect for a pick-me-up, birthday, Mother's Day, or even to usher in each season. Available with Spring Summer, Fall, and Winter florals, these puzzles arrive in a glass vase and are stored back inside, creating a beautiful decorative item.

The Puzzles in Glass Apothecary Jars

Puzzles that are assembled, then placed back in the heavyweight glass apothecary jar for storage. Kept on a coffeee table or bookshelf, the filled jars are gorgeous reminders to pull these puzzles out and complete them again when you have visitors.

The Puzzles in Mailable Greeting Cards

Why send a standard card when you can gift a mailable puzzle greeting? Choose from 3 designs appropriate for so many occasions. The greeting reveals its message as the recipient assembles the puzzle! You just remove the outer wrapping, address the included envelope, and mail or hand deliver. Then, the recipient slides open the gift box to reveal a drawer full of 50 puzzle pieces. Each puzzle comes with 3 custom Treasure Pieces™ and our signature Crowning Achievement™ Puzzle Completion Pin.

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